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A message from our Chief Operating Officer

Atlanta attorney Jason W. Graham, co-­founder of Graham & Jensen, LLP (www.grahamjensen.com), is the Chief Operating Officer and an owner with the SynerG Law Complex: “When I left a larger established law firm ten years ago to form my own law firm, I quickly learned that I knew next to nothing about the business of hanging a shingle. We spent months just figuring out how to order supplies, send bills to our clients, maintain an internal computer network, etc. – all while trying to practice law and build our client base.

I also quickly missed the camaraderie, networking, and conversations that came with just being around a bunch of other lawyers all the time. When we started to expand, we moved to an office with more space than we needed at first. We advertised the extra offices to other attorneys for a month-to-month office share arrangement. The response was overwhelming. Through the course of working with numerous attorney sub-tenants, networking with other small firms and solo lawyers, and representing numerous start-ups in my law practice, I developed the concept for the SynerG Law Complex. The concept is simple, take as much pain out of hanging a shingle and running a law practice as possible. Uncertain overhead, shopping and managing vendors, hiring a receptionist, managing technology, etc., would all be included in the monthly “rent” to the extent possible. And the welcome side effect of all this would be the synergy from concentrating lots of entrepreneurial lawyers in one building. SynerG is designed by lawyers for lawyers and their staff, exclusively.”


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