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Reviews about SynerG from those who know best.

“I couldn’t be more please about my move to SynerG law complex. I have practiced law for over 50 years and find this to be the most comfortable and convenient environment I have experienced. My long-time firm terminated in June, 2018, when the last of my partners retired. I was not yet ready to retire, but still wanted a collegial atmosphere to duplicate my partnership experience. At SynerG I found it. I have been here six months and have enjoyed every minute of it. I love having the benefits of a partnership without the problems associated with running it. SynerG provides all the support needed for a thriving law practice – workspace, office furniture and equipment, including copiers, printers and over-sized computer monitors, conference rooms, reception room, receptionist, internet, mail service, telephone, technical support, computerized research, support staff availability, break room and snacks, and more – all in a modern, up-to-date and pleasant office facility. Plus I get the collegial atmosphere I was looking for. And I only have to write one check each month. It has met all of my expectations and more!” - Bill Bassett, Current Member


“SynerG Law Complex is amazing! After renting space at executive type offices for the last nine years I decided to go to SynerG. The concept is great, the offices and building are super nice. The attorneys who work in the building are high level and everyone is very easy to talk to, especially to bounce ideas off of each other. The whole concept works seamlessly and I'm additionally very satisfied with the referral system. I have referred multiple clients internally and have also received many referrals myself. All of the SynerG employees are courteous and professional. Also, the amenities are kept in tip-top condition. I'm happy to be a part of it.”  Chad Trentacosta, Current Member


“Solo doesn’t have to be “so low” and eat up a lot of your time, money and energy in arranging support services and dealing with vendors and providers for your practice and missing the collegiality of being around other practitioners.  Whether you’re a baby lawyer just starting out or an old war horse of 40 some years, SynerG has what you need for one check a month.  Forget waiting for the internet guy or phone person and monthly parking fees with “reserved spaces” and your clients’ complaints about parking and traffic -- have a receptionist on duty with constant hospitality and courtesy refreshments and occasional onsite CLE with a free lunch thrown in – all in a class AA building right off Georgia 400.  This is Plug and Play law practice or “Opening an Office for Dummies”. I wish it had been around in when I went on my own in ’76 but it’s here for you now.”  - Jim Killough, Current Member

“SynerG Law Complex has been nothing short of phenomenal in housing and growing our legal practice.  Jason Graham and his staff are warm, personable and helpful each and every day.  The common spaces are modern, new, and the clients are receptive to the professional environment.  As an estate planning firm, we value the use of the conference rooms for client meetings, and the suite of office services for the drafting of our estate plans.  The group of attorneys that make SynerG their home are friendly and collegial.  The parking and location are unbeatable.  We are looking forward to another prosperous year at SynerG.” - Kent Walker, Founding Partner, Walker Estate Planning, Current Member


“I have been at SynerG for one year now.  I went straight from passing the Bar to starting my own practice.  The model of SynerG was exactly what I was looking for and helped me advance in my new career sooner than I could have done completely on my own.  With the all-inclusive model, I didn’t have to worry about maintenance of my office, utilities, office accessories, and etc.  I am able to just show up to my office and just focus 100% on my work and the expansion of my business.  Also it being a building exclusively for attorneys is ideal.  You have mentors in other expertise next door and potential future referrals.  The set up of the building is very convenient and provides an at-home feeling that makes coming to work enjoyable and productive as it has become my home away from home.” - Nooshin Bagheri, Current Member


“We opened our practice in March, 2018, and were looking for a place that offered top-quality, affordable space, a pleasant and welcoming environment, and all the necessary support to make our transition simple and smooth.  SynerG checked every box, and we have been extremely satisfied with our decision.  We have also benefited from the cross-referral opportunities, which has resulted in revenue that covered several months’ rent.  We would highly recommend SynerG to other lawyers and small firms looking for an easy move to great space at a good price and with first-class amenities.” - Jim Kanner, Current Member with Kanner Baker, LLC


“SynerG has exceeded my expectations at every level. It offered me a “turn-key” solution to start my law firm. I literally was handed the keys to my office and began working on the same day without having to handle all of the administrative burdens and headaches of purchasing items such as copy machines, furniture, telephone systems, Westlaw, etc. The staff of SynerG and the other attorneys are all top notch, and I received a referral from another SynerG attorney in my first month through their very active referral system.  A more recent referral paid me enough fees to cover two months’ rent here! Most importantly, my clients are thoroughly impressed with the Class A office space that is updated, modern, and professional.”  - Jeff Powell, Current Member


“I recently moved my practice into the beautiful new building known as SynerG Law Complex.  The transition was very smooth due to the efficiency and flexibility of Jason Graham, Chief Operating Officer, and Calisha Moore.  The space is perfect for a single practitioner or small firm and offers all the amenities of a large law office at a much more reasonable cost.  SynerG offers everything my firm needs to run my practice.  The attorneys in the complex have extremely diverse specialties and are committed to helping each other grow their practices through referrals.  I felt welcomed from the first day of my arrival.   I highly recommend the SynerG Law Complex.”  -- Robin Louire, Current Member


“Moving to SynerG Law Complex has changed my outlook on my practice of 23 years.   My staff and I come into the office each morning with a refreshed vision and perspective.   The feel is open, clean, modern, new and energized…. a place we enjoy being every day.   Our clients are impressed by the conference rooms, lobby, atrium and café and more importantly they are made to feel special. Synergy networking events truly are fantastic and cultivate a real connection between all tenants and their staff.   In the first month I received multiple leads that turned into closed transactions all due to being part of the SynerG team.  In addition, I have referred some of my clients to other tenants who needed help in other areas of law.    SynerG promised a referral system and they delivered.   The support of SynerG has helped me minimize administrative efforts and lower overall expenses.  This has given me more time to focus on clients and building business.  I have discovered The SynerG Difference and I couldn’t be happier.” – Sam Maguire, Jr. , Current Member


“Getting the SynerG Law Complex tour from Jason Graham, colleague, friend and visionary. If you are an attorney or small firm looking for turn-key space with jaw-dropping amenities you really need to check this out. I’m floored.” - Joe Murphey, Mediator with Miles Mediation


“Of course, I am biased because I work for Jason, but I would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else so ready with the tools a small firm needs to succeed.  Aside from the benefit of never having to worry about anything admin-related, what makes SynerG so unique is the camaraderie amongst the different firms here.  If my clients ask me questions about an area of law I am unfamiliar with, all I have to do is refer them to any of the attorneys down the hall.  Although most in the building have separate practices, it feels as though we all work as a team to help each other out.  It may be the fact that everyone here has referred cases to one another and benefited financially, but I truly feel as though we all support and root for each other in the building.  The nature of how small firms work requires a different kind of formula for success than big law firms, and I believe SynerG has cracked it.” - Debashis Ghose, Current Member


“I have been at SynerG for nearly a year now and could not be happier with my experience.  As a young lawyer, guidance and training are an imperative part of not only becoming a better lawyer, but also getting the best result for your clients. SynerG and its network of experienced attorneys has certainly provided this guidance to me during my time there. Being able to simply walk down the hall to talk to a tax expert or someone in a completely different practice area than my own is unlike anywhere else. SynerG has somehow managed to combine the network and support of a big firm while simultaneously allowing you to have the nimbleness of a small firm. If you are a young lawyer or an experienced attorney thinking about going out on your own, look into SynerG. You certainly will not be disappointed.” - Rob Kozloski, Current Member


“The opportunity for referrals from other SynerG members with so many different practice areas has been the most pleasant surprise since I moved my practice here.  Just one referral last year resulted in a retainer and fee large enough to cover three months’ rent at the SynerG Law Complex.  As a solo practitioner, I appreciate being able to network with so many other solos and small firms.” – Matthew L. Crowe, Current Member


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